How to support FM2M Apps development?

FM2M is Coffeeware :)

YES! I'm addicted to a cup of good coffee.
It makes my head full of ideas and gives me energy to develop.
Buying me coffee you can send appreciation
and support development.

"I love what you do how can I support?" 

You can send me one time donation via PayPal or become Patreon.
Sending encouraging comment along is highly welcomed ;) 

"I want all these PRO version ToolBox features"

Check FM2M ToolBox PRO 0.90 features comparison
EdgeTX, OpenTX, FreedomTX

Just buy me a coffee with comment it's for FM2M ToolBox support.
I will send you PRO version enabler via email.

As bonus you will get Full FM2M Digital Clock
Answer how much I'm leaving for you :)
PayPal links below

Espresso & Latte 

"One for the morning one for evening so you can code late hours" 

Cappuccino & Mocha 

"Have bigger ones for new bold features" 


"Be caffeinated all day long"

"Those are great tools.
Have your coffee every month
and code new features"

Click on logo below and become my Patreon then.

Caffeinating can be as low as 2 bucks per month.
Espresso & Latte is first level that includes PRO apps. 


"Sorry I've just spent all my money buying expensive stuff from Far East.
Can I still use FM2M Apps?"

I do understand. 
FM2M Widgets Pack for EdgeTX is free to use.
FM2M Digital Clock has simple free version. 
FM2M ToolBox with basic features is free too.
Download, use it and have fun.
Anytime in future (if you need those PRO features) you can support.

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