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FM2M ToolBox

  • How to install ToolBox?
    Download current version
    1. Unpack downloaded zip file
    2. If you have PRO version backup vc.fm2m file from /FM2M/VC/ folder on your SD Card
    3. Backup your configuration /FM2M/TOOLBOX/CONFIGS/ folder from your SD Card
    4. Move unpacked FM2M,SCRIPTS & WIDGETS folders to the root folder of your SD Card. If asked about files replacement choose "Merge"
    5. If you have PRO version move backuped vc.fm2m file to the new /FM2M/VC/ folder on SD card
    6. Move backuped configuration files folder (CONFIGS) to /FM2M/TOOLBOX/ folder on SD card
    !!! Important
    Copy only what's inside unpacked folder - not unpacked folder itself

    Here is picture of SD Card picture after successful installation
  • Running ToolBox in Stand-alone mode
    Once flies are moved properly into your radio's SD card FM2M ToolBox will be available in TOOLS TAB of EdgeTX or OpenTX.
  • Shortcut to open TOOLS TAB is:
    * long left joystick press on FrSky XLite family radios
    * long press MENU key on other radios
    * long press SYS key on Color LCD radios & some BW Radiomaster radios 
  • Running ToolBox in background mode (telemetry script) on B&W LCD radios
    1. Go to DISPLAY tab in model setup
    2. Select Screen1 -> Script
    3. Select -> fm2mTB
    4. Being in main view of OpenTX long press PAGE key
    !!! Important
    In this mode script is running all the time in background mode. If you have any other big script running simultaneously in background (like BF LUA) scripts may throw error or crash due to lack of memory.
  • Running ToolBox in background mode (widget) on Color LCD radios
    1. Add FM2M TBOX widget to one of your main views
    2. Set BGMODE in Widget's settings if you want to run ToolBox constantly in background.
    3. Set STATUS in Widget's settings if you want to see ToolBox telemetry preview.
    4. Double tap or select 'Full Screen' to open ToolBox
    5. To go back to system long press EXIT key
    !!! Important
    Due to a lack of key events capture in OpenTX, fully functional full screen mode 
    as a widget is only available using EdgeTX. In OpenTX you will be able only to see preview widget and you will still have to run ToolBox in Stand Alone mode selecting it from TOOLS tab.
  • ToolBox doesn't work. App starts but no data is displayed .
    Most probably telemetry sensors are not discovered in your model configuration of EdgeTX or OpenTX.

    On most B&W LCD radios
    1. press MENU button
    2. press PAGE button until TELEMETRY page is displayed
    3. scroll down (using +/- keys, dial wheel or roller) and find DISCOVER NEW SENSORS button
    4. Execute it pressing (pressing ENT key, pressing dial wheel or roller) and let sensors to be discovered

    On FrSky XLite family radios
    1. long press joystick RIGHT
    2. press joystick RIGHT until TELEMETRY page is displayed
    3. scroll down pressing joystick DOWN and find DISCOVER NEW SENSORS button
    4. Execute it pressing joystick and let sensors to be discovered

    On Color LCD radios
    1. press MDL button
    2. press PAGE NEXT or PAGE PREV button until TELEMETRY page is displayed
    3. scroll down and find DISCOVER NEW SENSORS button
    4. Execute it pressing (pressing ENT key, pressing dial wheel or roller) and let sensors to be discovered

    Then run ToolBox App.
    - Go to Config module navigate to to TELEMETRY page and select used RC Link (protocol) type.

    Once are sensors discovered and RC Link type set properly ToolBox Dashboard will and display all data
  • I've discovered sensors but I can't see all data ie Gyro mode (Stab, Horizon, Acro), Current drawn or mAh consumed.
    There are two kinds of Telemetry sensors:
    1. Receiver sensors
    2. Flight Controller sensors

    To enable first one you just have to bind receiver to transmitter. Depending on RC link type usually sensors like RSSI, RQly or RX voltage will be available.
    Second group of sensors need to connect Flight Controller and configure properly it's firmware (BetaFlight or EmuFlight) to send FC telemetry sensors via receiver to transmitter. Once you configure it sensors like Curr, Bat%, FM, or Capa will show up providing additional info about quad state.
  • I have configured FC telemetry but still I can't see Gyro mode (Stab, Horizon, Acro).
    Well that depends on RC Link type and how hardware supplier implemented protocol.

    * Gyro mode is available in FrSky D8/D16, CRSF & ELRS but not in Ghost
    * VTX status is available in  CRSF, Ghost but not in FrSky D8/D16 and ELRS
    * iNav or KISS is not fully supported yet. So you will see most data but not flight mode for example

    As soon as they are available I will include them in future releases.
  • I can't see my VTX status
    First of all as for December 2022 telemetry VTX status is available for IRC Ghost and TBS Crossfire/Tracer protocols.
    ToolBox's Dashboard will show VTX status when VTX protocol is properly configured both in Toolbox and in FC firmware (ie. BetaFlight).
    1. For Crossfire RX, VTX has to be one of TBS VTXs (Unify) connected via SmartAudio or CRSF protocol
    2. For Ghost RX, seems that any of IRC Tramp protocol capable VTX will work as VTX status is stored in Ghost TX module (need to be confirmed 100%)

    From version 0.77 MSP protocol is available. Reqirements:
    * FC with Betaflight 4.3+
    * VTX connected to FC and set to use
     - SmartAudio for CRSF and ELRS    
     - Tramp for IRC and Ghost
  • Can I see if my VTX is in Pit mode?
    Yes you can.
    1. On B&W radios VTX indicator in inverse mode shows you that VTX transmits with selected power while when VTX indicator has white background it means VTX Pit mode is engaged
    2. On Color radios once VTX Pit mode is enabled VTX indicator background goes red

    Ghost RC Link note:
    There actually no Pit Mode, but you can set  0mW or 1mW. I'have coded anything below 1mW as PitMode.
    Additionally you can configure Ghost TX module to switch off VTX power completely using pre-defined channel. In this case Ghost protocol is not reporting switching off so ToolBox Dashboard indicator will not show PitMode. 
  • Why feature ‘XYZ’ is not working on my setup?
    I’m used to do a lot of in-house testing to provide what I call it 95% quality level. Fact that something works on my one radio setup it doesn’t necessary mean it will on yours. So I test it in-house as much as possible to the point I can't spot any bugs going through a set of testing scenarios

    However bear in mind we have now:
    * 2 operation systems supported (even 3 if we count FreedomTX fork that is still slightly different)
    * 12 B&W & 4-5 Color radios
    * 4 different RC links

    Everybody declares compatibility but reality bites. Often some things are not implemented as described in docs. Some hardware/software providers are very open to share information some others less or are not at all. Last but not least this environment is living creature. Every week there is new beta or some update to one of those three components my Apps are relaying on. So if you spot something it may not be ‘my bug’.

    Anyway post your discovery on FB Group and let me investigate.
  • Will you maintain Black & White LCD radios support for ToolBox?
    YES. Even Color LCD radios open whole new horizon with better MCU, memory or TouchUI capability, good old FrSky X9D or the newest TBS Mambo or RM Zorro are very reliable radios and I find myself using them a lot. Surely due to above mentioned limitations as time goes by version for Color LCD radios will have more features.
  • Will you maintain support & development for OpenTX?
    Well yes and no. I will maintain support (bug fixes) but new features will not be implemented from 01.01.2023. 
    OpenTX due to lack of resources is not developed, only maintenance is done. This regards also developers tool.
    No support means a lot of time to debug on my side. Besides seems that OpenTX will be sunsetting in one or two years.
    To recap support yes new features only EdgeTX. 
FM2M ToolBox 0.7 Features overview
LUA script for quick access FM2M ToolBox on BW radios
How to setup Throttle Limiter in EdgeTX or OpenTX

FM2M Widgets Pack

  • How to install FM2M Widgets Pack?
    Download current version
    1. Unpack downloaded zip file - installation folder will show up after successful unpacking
    2. Move unpacked FM2M folder from installation folder to the root folder of your SD Card
        !!! If you already installed any of FM2M Applications just copy whats inside to (AWGT,MODEL,TIMER,CHANNELS folders) to      /FM2M/ folder on SD card not overwrite other things.
    3. Move content of unpacked /WIDGETS folder (FM2MMODEL,FM2MTIMER,FM2MCHANNELS folders) to /WIDGETS/      folder on SD card 
    4. Power cycle your Radio to make new widgets registered in EdgeTX
    !!! Copy only what's inside unpacked folder - not unpacked folder itself
    Here is picture of SD Card picture after successful installation.
  • Is FM2M Widgets Pack free?
    Yes it's free.
    Still if you find it valuable you can send me some appreciation in form of good coffee :)
    Support development here 🙂

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