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FM2M ToolBox

Ultimate ToolBox for RC Pilots.
FM2M flagship LUA application.
Dashboard giving you quick overview what's going on with your bird. Additional modules like VTX information, Sticks commands, BetaFlight Arming Errors. It's radio that you always have with you so you have those information always with you too.

FM2M Widgets Pack

Those are versions of standard EdgeTX widgets.
Timer, Model, Outputs (Channels monitor) & additionally lovely Analog Clock.
Configurable, scalable with option to position them as you like. And guess what... they adjust colors to match your  EdgeTX theme.

So if you like your color LCD radio's main screen to look clean and tidy or pimp up tour radio this is definitely piece of software for you. 

FM2M Visual Pack

All FM2M Themes I've created when developing EdgeTX themes feature plus FM2M branded boot screens for EdgeTX. Vertical LCD radios (NV14) included.

TBS Agent Lite

Back in 2020 I did this project with TBS. We reworked exiting LUA script to be compatible with new CRSF protocol features and opened it for a new things to come. Last but not least it got new visual look. Quoting well known RC influencer: "Hey it's an app!" :)

I'm still maintaining this LUA Application tor TBS adding new features.

Current 0.96 version includes:
- Support for newest CRSF protocol including remote configuration using WiFi Connection
- Support for 16 radios running OpenTX or EdgeTX (including FlySky NV14 Nirvana on EdgeTX)
- Support for TouchUI interface using EdgeTX

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Applications in development

FM2M ToolBox 0.8

Next release of FM2M ToolBox.
Major new features
* IFR Panels (Artificial Horizon, GPS readings) for long range quads and 
* iNav full compatibility


Have you ever tried to move Logic switches routine? Daunting task isn't it?
Well here goes solution. Moving, copying with translation. Read it: "Once you move it, logic in a LS routine is auto-magically preserved".
Have you ever wanted it? Me too that's how Logic+ was born.

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