FM2M Digital Clock FAQ

Here you can find answers to most common questions

How to install Digital Clock?

  • Download current version
  • Unpack downloaded zip file
  • Move unpacked FM2MDCLOCK folder to the /WIDGETS/ folder of your SD Card. 

    To customise feel & look you have to have FM2M Toolbox PRO installed

How set up FM2M Digital Clock as widget?

  • Press TELEM key and add new Main View
  • Select "Full screen" layout
  • Switch off: Top bar, Flight mode, Sliders & Trims
  • Select "Setup widgets"
  • Press ENTER or tap on screen
  • Choose "Select widget" from menu
  • Choose "FM2M D-Clock" from menu
  • Press RTN key (EXIT) three times

How configure FM2M Digital Clock?

  • Long Press ENTER selecting widget area then short press ENTER displaying menu. If you have touch screen long tap anywhere on screen 
  • Select "Full screen" from menu
  • FM2M Digital Clock is now in "Config mode"
  • Key bindings
    * SYS short - changes digits color
    * SYS long - toggles digits ghost
    * MDL short - toggles seconds display
    * MDL long - toggles date display
    * PAGE> - decreases background dim
    * PAGE< - increases background dim
    * TELE - changes background
  • When finished long press RTN (EXIT) to go back to normal state.

How to add custom background?

  • Prepare your graphics. Format is PNG. Dimensions 480x272 px.
  • Move prepared graphics to /WIDGETS/FM2MDCLOCK/GFX/BKG/ folder on radio SD card.
  • New graphics will be selectable in Config mode via TELE key press

Is FM2M Digital Clock free?

If you want to check development progress,
need online support or submit bug report

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