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FM2M ToolBox 0.76

Stable and tested version for all supported radios.
Includes scripts (telemetry for B&W LCD radios & widget for Color LCD radios) to run Toolbox in background mode (auto loading when radio is powered up).
!!! Due to a lack of widgets' key events capture in OpenTX, widget will not work in full screen mode when using OpenTX
!!! If you upgrade from previous version read how to install

FM2M Widgets Pack 0.21 for EdgeTX

Enhanced version of EdgeTX widgets.
Those widgets are compatible with EdgeTX ONLY !!!

FM2M Visual Pack for EdgeTX

All FM2M Themes and FM2M branded booting screens for EdgeTX

FM2M ToolBox 0.77 (beta) 

This version brings new features to Color LCD radios:
* MSP protocol (communication with FC) for TBS,ELRS
* VTX channel and power settings using MSP
* reading VTX tables from BetaFlight FC
* reading arm stop errors from BetaFlight FC - live preview
!!! If you have B&W radio model no need to upgrade from 0.76

If in doubt how to use App 

If you want to check development progress,
need online support or submit bug report

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