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Hi my name is Robert but I'm better known as JimB40. For over twenty five  years of my professional life I've been doing lot of things. Currently I do photohraph. My spare time I spend on traveling, guitar playing, scootering, drone flying and of course developing FM2M. Since summer 2021 I'm also Project Steering Committee member and active developer of open-source radio firmware EdgeTX

​Four years ago I've drown into FPV world. I had some experience with RC cars racing before but getting airborne was whole different story. Process was equally exciting and painful. You know those crashes & fly-aways (flying to the moon). Anyway after short period I've discovered that I need some tools to make things easier. That's how idea of FM2M was born.

Before and after flight there are lots of actions that need to be done properly to avoid crash or injury. Moreover it is radio we always have with us, so this is the best place to store knowledge. 

​I love good UI & UX. Huge amount of time I do spend testing if user experience is easy and seamless.

​During last years FM2M ToolBox proved to be valuable tool helping me with everyday bench work & on-field aircraft preparation. There were also few incidents when I had lost video link and it was FM2M ToolBox that helped me to see what's going on with quad and find it within 10 minutes before LiPo died.

Hope you'll also find FM2M Tools valuable.

Cheers & happy flying


Thank you

FM2M wouldn't be possible without below mentioned.
What comes out depends on what comes in.  

Knowledge spreaders

  • Joshua Bardwell   FPV Know It All
    If you don't know Josh it might be you've slept under rock. Lots of tutorials and huge knowledge about technical aspects of drone flying. Throttle limiter was one among many things I've discovered watching his movies.
  • Lee Schofield   Painless360
    Lee covers in his channel wide range of RC flying knowledge. His tutorials about OpenTX helped me a lot to understand how powerful tool it is.
  • Mark Spatz   UAV Tech
    If your quad is dancing erratically it's highest time have sneak peak into blackbox logs. The best address to get some knowledge about quad's tune or to get tuned. :)
  • Nate Payne   Mr. Shutterbug                         
    Shutterbug is one of my favourites birds and it is Nate who built it first. Showing me that AUW is more important than anything else. Racer & cheerful guy.
  • Patrick J. Clark   Project Mockingbird
    If you fly or race Tiny whoops you surely know who is he. When I get gazilon time question "Why you fly in Angle mode" my answer is always the same. "Check Project Mockingbird, then you will know why" :)  
  • Oscar Liang   oscarliang.com
    Everything you want to know about quads. Treasure. The most comprehensive website about technical aspects and it's written. Yes technical stuff loves written text, drawings & schematics.   
  • Andy    Andy RC
    When I want to watch good equipment review this is the place I usually go. Objective and balanced.
  • John Hopke    RC Video Reviews
    John was one of my first supporters. His positive and encouraging attitude always makes me smiling.
    What's more his broad knowledge of various RC birds and radios' setup is a treasure. Just check his channel.  


  • Wonderful team of  EdgeTX
    I'm officially part of it as UX/UI dev and Project Steering Comittee team member.
    Lots of work in open minded and positive team, always gives me a boost.  
  • All guys behind development of  OpenTX 
    Well that's obvious. If there was no OpenTX - FM2M and EdgeTX wouldn't exist :) 
  • Guido ter Horst   Just Fly Solutions
    His broad knowledge he shares on RCgroups.com about LUA scripts helped me a lot to make first steps.
    Big kudos for dynamic loading that makes such a big script work.
  • Tim Eckel   iNavFLight LuaTelemetry
    Author of wonderful LUA App for iNav pilots. If you fly iNav this the ultimate tool to use.
  • Jesper Frickmann   SoarOTX
    Jesper is all about RC sailplane piloting. Nevertheless he also is brilliant EdgeTX & LUA application developer.
    We may argue sometime but definitely knowlegde flows forth and back. :) 

Flying buddies (last but not least)

  • Guys from whoops racing league   Whoop of Poland
    Racing micro quads league. Well no chance with youngsters but doing quite well in 40+ category :)
    This hobby is also about social engagement so chit-chats and meetings are always refresher.
  • Tommy & Michael
    Countless times after crashing I had this emotion state "This it the end. My friend. No more money burning" :)
    It's them who helped me overcome technical problems and get back on the track.

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